Winky Play

The "Winky Play" application lets you take control of your robot and its sensors to play endlessly with your companion.

Winky Play is an application to discover robotics:

  • The children discover robotics and learn to use the sensors and actuators of their robot. Several interactive games are available, allowing them to evolve step by step.

  • The children develop skills and improve their understanding by playing with Winky.

The modes are advanced game content that allow you to interact with the virtual avatar of your Winky robot. Mode :

  • Remote Control: Allows you to explore Winky's sensors and behaviors by playing with his virtual avatar in the app.

The games, fun and immersive, use Winky as a controller to complete many challenges. Currently available games are:

  • Magic Daedalus: Interact using Winky's tactile zones, making your way through a labyrinth.

  • Whacky Run!: Help Winky go as far as it can, avoiding obstacles and overcoming challenges as it goes!

  • Mirror Dance: Winky will test your memory with his wild dances. Watch the dance of the virtual Winky and your robot to see if they are the same or different

  • Musical Tree is an experience where Winky transforms into several musical instruments. Develop your creativity and sense of rhythm by manipulating the Winky robot.

  • Go under the sea in the game "Brick Breaker" and get help from a manta ray and a sunfish to unlock all 20 levels. Destroy all the bricks in a level to complete it and unlock the next.

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