Introduction to the vision and ambition behind the project.

As creators of The Winkyverse, we think there should be no boundaries to personal growth and human education.

We also believe that learning is more efficient and impactful when accessed from a vibrant environment through fun and memorable experiences. We came to the conclusion a gaming metaverse will be the ideal place for educational content. We are convinced Web 3 and education are meant to converge and we want to be pioneers in this revolution.

The home of knowledge in the metaverse

Knowledge is the forgotten element of the metaverse. That is why we are developing the Winkyverse Academy. A pillar of pedagogy, the Academy brings together in a single virtual place all of humanity's learning domains and an international community of experts involved in The Winkyverse.

Reinventing learning

Students, teachers, creators of educational content, everyone has a place in The Winkyverse Academy, whatever their level. Learning is fun, immersive, and interactive thanks to new technologies, far beyond traditional lecturing.

Truly for all ages

The Winkyverse proposes two distinct entry points. The Winkyverse Kids is free, with no monetary elements or ads, and provides families with kid-safe games. The adults’ version features differently curated content and a tokenized games economy.

Educational and ethical

The Winkyverse offers both fun gameplay and instructive content with real educational value: children, as well as adults, have the opportunity to learn. An ethics committee and editorial charter ensure a secure, positive, and adapted experience for all.

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