The Winkyverse
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Intro to the Winkies

Learn about the Winkies, the digital currency of the Winkyverse.
For information, here is the addresses of the Winkies on the Ethereum and Binance blockchains
  • Ethereum : 0xE1BDA0c3Bfa2bE7f740f0119B6a34F057BD58Eba
  • Binance : 0xb160A5F19ebccd8E0549549327e43DDd1D023526
The Winkies ($WNK) are our digital currency, which can be used as currency of value in The Winkyverse.
It’s an ERC-20 and BEP-20 Token based on the Ethereum blockchain.
The Winkies can be used to:
  • Pay for in-game purchases & avatars/customizations
  • Purchase premium games
  • Reward game developers and artists designing accessories on WinkyMaker and WinkyStudio
  • Advertize
  • Stake your Winkies to earn rewards
  • Participate in The Winkyverse governance process through a Distributed Autonomous Organization.