Presence in other Metaverses

Learn about our Metaverse Collabs and plans for interoperability.

As a first step towards greater interoperability, we'll have a presence in other Metaverses in order to increase our visibility in the metaverse market but also to raise our level of awareness. Next steps will include porting of Winkyverse avatars and items in these same partnering metaverses.

What are these collabs?

As part of our plan to make Winky and The Winkyverse major players in the metaverse market, we are developing several collabs across different platforms.

We have already acquired land in other metaverses, in which we develop content: activities, experiences or information about The Winkyverse.

Raising awareness

With these collabs, we are going to be present in several metaverses, in order to be better known by the public and the users of these different metaverses.

We propose many different activities and events to attract people to our land, to immerse them in the world of Winky and show them where our metaverse is headed.

Tell the story of The Winkyverse

One of the goals of these land parcels is to show the positioning of The Winkyverse, in terms of environment and design.

As in The Winkyverse, our land plots are full of Ecobots (robotic chimera animals), beautiful landscape, amazing constructions and imaginary animals. They are very colorful places, which are created for exploration and discovery.

You will also find some important characters of The Winkyverse, that will give you more information about the story behind The Winkyverse and its underlying values.

Promote our NFTs

Finally, we are going to use this land to promote our different waves of NFT collections. In fact, many metaverses are proposing a solution to exhibit NFTs.

The land will accommodate halls of fame with our favorite and rarest NFTs. We will even put forward some NFTs which are held by members of our community, contest winners or owners of NFTs with rare traits.

Polygonal Mind partnership

To build these land and experiences, we have chosen to partner with Polygonal Mind, a creative development studio, and land construction expert for the most famous metaverses (The Sandbox, Decentraland, Cryptovoxels, VRChat, and more).

Here is a trailer:

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