What is land in The Winkyverse?

Learn more about land in The Winkyverse.

The various biomes and regions of The Winkyverse (of which more will be added over time) are sub-divided into thousands of 100x100m square parcels of land.

Most land are available for purchase by the community, as NFTs. Players truly own their land NFT, meaning they can sell them to other players at their own discretion.

Each land has various attributes associated with it, which may affect its value. Learn more about the different attributes here.

Some land will become more valuable than others, depending on the current status of the player-driven market. Not all land are created equal, but all land have some economic value.

Choose beetwen 2 types of land

Benefits of owning Land

Owning land confers several benefits, particularly if effort is spent upgrading the land to make it enticing to visitors.

How do land provide value to their owner?

  • Users can fast-travel to their own land, accelerating their ability to quickly traverse the world

  • Allows you to build and host an Academy, making it appear on The Winkyverse map

  • Allows you to personalize / show off by decorating your land and building a home

  • Allows you to generate income in-game via gathering and crafting taxes

  • Allows you to generate a potential in-game income by reselling your land for a higher price (if its value has increased and it has been well developed by you)

  • Gives you the ability to build economic structures that you want easy access to : gathering, refining or crafting stations.

  • Allows you to host UGC experiences of your choosing (including your own creations)

  • Hosting your own UGC experiences could grant further value in the form of tangible rewards

Users can own multiple land. Owning multiple land can be an effective strategy for continuing to invest in the game’s economy – gaining access to more land, resources, fast travel points, etc.

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