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The Winky Space Program

The Winky Space Program is our loyalty program for NFT holders

What is the Winky Space Program?

Own Winkybot NFT and receive an airdrop equivalent to 1% of all the $WNK you hold in your wallet!

What are the conditions?

You need to hold at least 1 Winkybot NFT to be able to participate in The Winky Space Program (WSP) and receive rewards. The Winkybot must be in the same wallet where you hold your $WNK to benefit from the airdrops. The WSP takes into account the $WNK you own both on Ethereum and on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), provided they are held at the same wallet address on both blockchains. Don't have a Winkybot yet? Just get yours on OpenSea. Finally, if you have not done so yet, you will also need to sign up on our Dashboard and add your MetaMask address:

I have a Winkybot, how does it work then?

Hold $WNK in your wallet
Once a month, we will airdrop $WNK tokens to $WNK holders. Each participant of The Winky Space Program will receive an airdrop (on BSC) of 1% of all the $WNK they hold in their wallet, both on Ethereum and on BSC.
Example: If you hold 1,200,000 $WNK on the airdrop date, you will receive 1% of 1,200,000 $WNK = 12,000 $WNK.
We don’t want people to load up with $WNK just before the airdrop and then dump it right after, so the airdrops dates will be random and kept secret. Instead of being at the end of each month, it could for example happen on March 25, April 14 and May 7.


The number of $WNK you receive on Airdrop day will only be based on the number of $WNK you hold inside the Metamask wallet you registered on the dashboard at the end of the day before the drop. The $WNK you hold elsewhere will not be counted. They also have to be on the same Metamask wallet where you hold the NFT Winkybot that allows you to participate in the WSP.
You can find here all the rules of the Winky Space Program:

$WNK Burn

As of February 2023, we have implemented a $WNK burn program. We burn each month the equivalent of $WNK distributed in the Winky Space Program. Therefore, the more $WNK holders place tokens in the WSP, the more $WNK is burned!
$WNK burnt


There is a second advantage to the Winky Space Program: affiliation.

Just invite people to join The Winkyverse and sign up on the dashboard.
For each person who signs up on the dashboard with your affiliation link and buys $WNK, you will receive a bonus WNK.

Affiliation, How does it work?

You will earn 1500 $WNK per affiliate.
For a referral to be rewarded, the affiliate will need to hold at least $200 worth of $WNK in his wallet on the day before the distribution of the rewards.
For example, in March, you invited five people to sign up on the dashboard. 2 of them did not buy any $WNK, 2 of them bought $500 of $WNK and 1 of them bought $100 of $WNK. In this, case only the 2 referrals who bought for $500 of $WNK will be rewarded (>$200). Therefore you will receive 2×1,500 $WNK = 3,000 $WNK.
The $WNK you earned by inviting people to sign up on the dashboard will be sent out once a month at random dates, at the same time the 1% above is distributed.