Learn about the kid-safe areas in The Winkyverse.

The Winkyverse will feature kid-safe biomes. Users with “child accounts” will only have access to the kid-safe areas, and cannot see other parts of the world from within their account.

Adults can visit the kid-safe biomes, but are forced to abide by the special rules of these places. The intent is to allow parents to experience the kid-safe zones with their children, and allow interested adults to access the quality content created there – while protecting children from any kind of unsafe or undesirable interactions with adults or strangers.

Within the kid-safe biomes, special rules and changes are applied to protect children and enhance their experience:

  • Players cannot talk freely - they’ll use prepared messages to keep kids safe

  • No NFT elements, advertisements, or monetary elements allowed. Children-accessible areas will remain entirely unmonetized.

  • Adults wearing UGC outfits will be “enchanted” to appear wearing “game” clothing instead. No potentially inappropriate content can be exposed.

  • Kids cannot see the other areas of the game - non-kid-safe areas are entirely hidden and inaccessible.

The Kid’s Areas are designed to be places that offer both fun and educational content for visitors of all ages through interactive experiences, games and locations.

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