Customizing your land

Learn more about how land owners can customize their land.

How can I customize the land I own?

Owners of land can perform various actions to customize and improve it.

Players will be able to construct buildings and economic “stations” on valid buildable space on their land -which will unlock various new functionalities or bonuses.

Land owners can also build a Personal Academy and open them to visitors of their choice. These Academies contain the original creations of each Winkynaut and all the knowledge he or she has acquired during his or her travels.

Players will be able to deploy land decor, like fences, lamps, statues, fountains, and much more, to visually enhance their land. Land decor items can be obtained via crafting, exploration, trade, or other means.

Players cannot edit the topology of their land, such as raising or lowering the terrain - The Winkynauts have decided to live in harmony with the land’s natural shape, and instead adapt their plans in order to live upon it.

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