#1 The Winkybots

Learn about the benefits of owning a Winkybot, our first NFT collection.

Today, owning an NFT Winkybot is having a real “pioneer pass” and enjoy many advantages:

  • Access to discounts and previews on the various sales of NFTs in The Winkyverse, with for example the exclusive sale of lands at -50%.

  • Exclusive benefits, such as the Winky Space Program and its 12% APR.

  • Impact and influence on the project, with access to the NFT Private Club, the Discord group reserved for Winkybot owners, which allows them to vote and participate in decisions related to The Winkyverse.

In the short term, owning a Winkybot NFT offers you many bonuses into The Winkyverse ecosystem:

  • Access to the Winky Codex which will allow you to discover our new game and try to win rewards.

  • Advantages for the “Codex” and the Academy, with resource bonuses and decorative elements.

In the long run, your Winkybot NFT will provide you with benefits and exclusive content in The Winkyverse:

  • Benefits based on the attributes of your Winkybot including a crafting tool available at the start of the game, enhanced characteristics (such as speed, attack, or defense), a bonus for helping you to bond with Wildbots and the ability to teleport to the Grand Academy and Regional Academies.

  • Exclusive content to customize your bot companion, decorations for your Personal Academy or exclusive emotes.

  • The characteristics and level of your Winkybot will influence the nature of the benefits and content you receive in the game.

Note that the more NFT Winkybots belong to you, the more benefits you will have. Bonuses can indeed be accumulated.

To learn more about the Codex, Academy and in-game utilities, read this article: https://medium.com/@The_Winkyverse/nft-winkybots-utility-6c9c94fa2693

Also, we are currently working on a cartoon with the Winkybots for television. This will open up opportunities for collaboration with international television channels. Many licensed products are planned from this cartoon: video games, toys, plush, board games... generating important revenues and ensuring brand awareness.

The best part ? If one of the Winkybots you own is selected to appear in the cartoon or in one of the licensed products, you will receive royalties!

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