The Winkyverse
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The Winkies are available to a staking program. Here some information.
The staking program is currently unavailable, all staking pools are closed!

The Winkyverse Staking Program allows participants to passively earn extra $WNK by staking the $WNK they currently hold. It only requires participants to stake and lock-up their $WNK for 6 ,9 or 12 months.

3 staking programs have been launched, giving many investors the option to participate and thus obtain their rewards. The staking program page is available here:
This staking program is the INFINITY POOL program. Here some details : 12 months - (Lock-up : 337 days) 24% APR How to start staking ? 1 - Open an account or log in 2 - Log in from a computer with Metamask under the BSC network 3 - Click on the Infinity pool. 4 - Allow access to the smart contract (Small fees in BNB). 5 - Choose the amount $WNK you want to stake
Staking is still available through the Winky Space Program. More information here.