The Winkies are available to a staking program. Here some information.

The staking program is currently unavailable, all staking pools are closed!

However, you can still claim your rewards, to do so, you just have to "Unstake" your Winkies (which is grayed out by default, it's a bit misleading). Then choose the number of WNK you want to remove (recommendation: click on Max).

Don't worry, if you "Unstake" your Winkies, you will recover all your Winkies and earn your rewards!

The Winkyverse Staking Program allows participants to passively earn extra $WNK by staking the $WNK they currently hold. It only requires participants to stake and lock-up their $WNK for 6 ,9 or 12 months.

3 staking programs have been launched, giving many investors the option to participate and thus obtain their rewards. The staking program page is available here:

This staking program is the INFINITY POOL program. Here some details : 12 months - (Lock-up : 337 days) 24% APR How to start staking ? 1 - Open an account or log in 2 - Log in from a computer with Metamask under the BSC network 3 - Click on the Infinity pool. 4 - Allow access to the smart contract (Small fees in BNB). 5 - Choose the amount $WNK you want to stake

Staking is still available through the Winky Space Program. More information here.

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