Educational Content

Some information about the type of Educational Content to be found in The Winkyverse.

Educational content is proposed across countless locations and in many forms in The Winkyverse, and is primarily found in academies. You can also find it as a part of the core gameplay, or in a more beneficial way through hosted experiences and UGC (user-generated content) focused on specific topics.

Educational content can be accessed from academies, from owners’ land hosting UGC, public buildings, specialized venues, and City Animals.

It can be provided by 3rd party publishers or users themselves (personal academies, UGC, assuming that they abide by our editorial and ethical charter). It can take various forms: quiz, test, lesson, virtual museum, video, live, interactive, gamified, MOOC, etc. and can be directly created using Mainbot's tools. Professionals can generate ad-hoc content or import it from other platforms.

Topics covered in educational content provided by Mainbot and partners are varied with a focus on tech, programming, AI, robotics, blockchain, web3, sustainable development and ecology.

Content created by teachers and creators can focus on a wide range of topics, all fields of knowledge are welcome!

User-generated content and personal academies will be moderated and must follow the ethics guidelines. The best content will be promoted and validated by a committee of experts.

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