What is MetaMask?

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MetaMask Wallet

MetaMask is a software to create a wallet on the blockchain. Many other solutions (either software or hardware) exist to create a wallet.

Having a wallet is the starting point to invest into cryptocurrencies, tokens, NFTs…

Your wallet number is the account where you receive cryptocurrencies or tokens, or from where you can send cryptocurrencies or tokens.

A wallet is not storing any asset per say. Assets are stored on the blockchains. Your wallet is the key to access your access, and allows you to process transactions.

Security with MetaMask

MetaMask protects your assets with a 12-word passphrase.

You must absolutely store this passphrase in a secure location:

  • Do not store your passphrase in a plan non-encrypted file on your computer

  • Do not store a picture of your passphrase on your mobile phone

  • Recommended (though old way to do things) is to write down the passphrase on a paper, and keep it in a safe and at several different places (in case of fire, flooding…)

Starting with MetaMask

On computers, MetaMask is available as a plugin on some supported internet browsers.

On mobile phones, MetaMask is available as an app available on App Store or Google Play.

You can visit https://metamask.io/ for more information

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