#1 - The Winkybots

Learn about the Winkybots, our first NFT collection.

During our ICO, we launched our first collection of NFTs : the Winkybots. There are 10,898 in this collection, each one unique and allowing you to obtain different advantages in The Winkyverse.

WARNING : minting is closed for this collection since June 27, 2022.

However, you can still buy Winkybots on the secondary market via OpenSea!


10,898 Winkybots have landed on Earth. They all come from different planets in the solar system.

Their big brother, Winky Robot, has already landed on Earth 5 years ago to teach humans about new technologies. Now the Winkybots are about to join him for some incredible adventures.

All Winkybots are unique. 10,898 have been generated by a super computer algorithm from 10 characteristics (body, eyes, background, vehicle...) and a total of 236 attributes. The Winkybots are all extraordinary, but some of them are much rarer than others.

Check this section to learn more about the Winkybots uses and rewards: https://winkyverse.gitbook.io/winkyverse/nft/use-and-rewards/1-the-winkybots

How many Winkybots will you adopt?

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