Learn more about The Winkyverse map.

How to access the map of The Winkyverse?

The map for the 1st biome, Pomokata, is available on The Winkyverse's official website.

How to use the map?

The map uses standard technologies similar to known online map engines.

  • Drag the view with your mouse or finger to move and explore the world

  • Use the scroll-wheel on the mouse, pinch or use the (+, -) controls to zoom in & out of the map

  • Use the mini-map display to find your way in The Winkyverse

Land information

Display land information by clicking or tapping on a land parcel.

Each land parcel holds a status:

  • For Sale

  • My Land

  • Pending Claims

  • My Land

Land Attributes

Please read this page to learn more about Land attributes.

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