Creators of Winky & The Winkyverse

Learn about Mainbot, the company behind The Winkyverse.

Founded in Paris, France in 2017, Mainbot is the creator of Winky, a smart robot playmate for the whole family. Associated with a series of companion apps, it provides purposeful and fun gameplay to children while bringing them together with their parents to discover robotics and programming.

Winky has already found its way to more than 20,000 families and is today selling at major French retailers: Fnac, Le Bon Marché, Galeries Lafayette, BHV Marais, Nature et Découvertes, among others. Launches in other locations are scheduled over the next quarters in markets like the UK, Germany, and the USA, while new robot modules, accessories and companion apps are currently being developed.

Leveraging on this ecosystem, Mainbot recently fundraised €24,5M to build The Winkyverse, the first global educational games metaverse: an immersive and meaningful universe with experiences and entry points carefully curated for both target audiences, children and adults. Accompanied by their Winky playmate in their living room and/or a bot for their avatar in the virtual world, users of all ages and families from all over the world will be able to play, create and learn together in The Winkyverse.

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