Winky Code

The “Winky Code” App is a fun and playful invitation to learn about programming

Winky Code is an application to learn how to code:

  • The children discover the basics of programming and the adventures of Winky. Lots of challenges allow them to play everywhere with or without a screen.

  • Winky is programmable and scalable, just customize your program by dragging and dropping action bricks to create a series of behaviors. In this way, Winky can interact with its environment using its very own language, marvel at it, and make new friends.

Children learn about programming through the "Winky Adventures" in the application. They solve challenges by creating game programs (action bricks or features). They transform their robots into everyday accessories, such as: an alarm clock or a stopwatch to help them keep on time!

Once the programs are created, Winky is ready to play! The games can be saved to its memory and used anywhere.

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