Project Genesis

Learn about how The Winkyverse came to be, and its parent company Mainbot.

Since 2017, Mainbot is focused on the development of educational and playful solutions to learn by playing.

Born at Ecole Polytechnique (France’s Top Engineering School) in 2017, Mainbot was created with one goal in mind: leveraging new technology to enhance kids’ education and prepare them to the future.

Its first product, an educational and evolutive robot called Winky, is already used daily by thousands of families across Europe, to teach kids between 5 to 12 years old about robotics, programming and artificial intelligence.

In 2021 Mainbot saw an opportunity to bring education to a new level by breaking down barriers between digital and physical, virtual and real life, and announced it would start working on The Winkyverse, the first global game-based learning metaverse, powered by its own digital currency, the Winkies ($WNK). An ICO at the end of the year succeeded in raising €24.5M to support the project.

The Winkyverse will allow kids, families, adult players and professional from all over the world to Explore, Learn and Create.

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