Learn about our Roadmap and the key steps in building The Winkyverse


Project ICO €24.5M raised to finance the project

NFT Collection #1 - The Winkybots 10,897 unique designs made from 10 characteristics and 236 attributes

Land Pre Sales 2,100 land plots for NFT holders and limited earlybird users Start of the public land sales

NFT Wildbots Drop of The Wildbots for all owners of Legendary Land

Personal Academy - Closed Alpha Opening of the Academy for the Community Management team

Personal Academy - Closed Beta Opening of the Academy to the Community

Grand Academy Launch of our Grand Academy, the central Academy of the Pomokata Biome

Winky Codex - Early Access Launch of our "Winky Codex" game to the Community

Partner Content

Launch of the first contents curated from educational and gaming partners.


Launch of the official DAO on the Blockchain for The Winkyverse

Q3 2023

➡️ Online Store Opening of our Marketplace

➡️ Land Unboxer Release of the land unboxing experience, to discover the resources and advantages of your Land!

➡️ "Codex" Game Release Official launch of the "Codex"

Q4 2023

➡️ Regional Academy

Launch of the first Regional Academy. Each Regional Academy will focus on a specific topic, a content creator or an educational partner.

S1 2024

➡️ Winky Maker Alpha

Create your own NFT

➡️ Winky Studio Alpha

Create experiences for the Winkyverse

S2 2024

➡️ Winky Maker Beta

➡️ Winky Studio Beta

➡️ Game Closed Alpha

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