Buying & Selling land

Learn more about acquiring and selling land in The Winkyverse.

Buying land in The Winkyverse

Where can I buy land?

You can purchase land in The Winkyverse during our Land Sales, which are held on our official website :

The first phase of land sales ended on 7 December 2023. Sotay tuned for the next sales! However, you can still visit OpenSea to buy lands on the secondary market:

What currency can I use to buy land?

$WNK (ETH) are the official currency of the Winkyverse. You will need it for all transactions happening during official Land sales.

Please visit this page for more detail on how to buy $WNK.

You can also buy land with your credit cart, to allow as many people as possible to take part in the adventure.

How do I buy land during land sales?

Here some of the key elements you will need for buying Land in $WNK :

  • Own a Metamask wallet

  • Download Metamask app or browser extension

  • If you pay in $WNK: make sure you own enough $WNK (ETH).

Then, to buy land :

  • From the Winkyverse website, connect your Metamask wallet

  • Claims the land and add it to your cart - 30 min timer for processing your claims - Maximum of 9 claims per cart transaction

  • Complete the transaction, either on your Metamask Wallet or with your credit cart.

If you are paying by credit card, the process remains the same, just log in to an account instead of logging in via Metamask.

How do I buy land on the secondary market?

OpenSea is a third-party secondary NFT marketplace where you can purchase many items, including land from The Winkyverse. You will need to register for an OpenSea account to purchase the land from there. Land on OpenSea can only be purchased in $ETH.

We advise using the same wallet on both platforms, to avoid fees to move NFTs from the wallet you’re using on OpenSea to the Metamask wallet you’re using in The Winkyverse.

How do I value land?

The value of NFTs and crypto coins is well known to fluctuate. This fluctuation is based on many factors, making valuation quite complicated.

The value of land in The Winkyverse is also affected by other factors, such as land positioning. For example, a land that sits next to one belonging to a major partner that developped a popular experience on it, may generally gain a much higher value.

Selling land

Can I sell my land?

Yes, you can sell your land on OpenSea, our third-party secondary marketplace.

Does it cost anything to sell my land?

When selling land via OpenSea, there is a 2.5% fee and a 10% royalties from Mainbot. Visit OpenSea for more detailed information.

How much should I sell my land for?

This is entirely up to the land owner. We do recommend you perform some market research and charge a fair price in order to be attractive to potential buyers.

The value of a land also depends on the resources available in it. Land owners will be able to gradually discover these resources thanks to the land unboxer.

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