Learn more about the gameplay aspect of The Winkyverse.

The Winkyverse Gameplay

The Winkyverse is an NFT-enabled multiplayer online world where players can:

  • Create and customize their own avatar and robotic companion

  • Explore and discover in a large open world

  • Gather materials and craft items

  • Play user-generated activities

  • Complete educational courses and content

  • Level-up their character and bot

  • Buy and sell materials, items, gear, cosmetic customizations, and more on the marketplace

  • Buy and sell land which can be built on and customized

  • Collect passive in-game depending on what decisions you are making

  • Discover partner content in cities located on the backs of gigantic animals

  • Team up with friends and meet new people as they travel the world

  • Complete quests

…and more!

The Winkyverse Academy Gameplay

The Winkyverse Academy is the home of knowledge in the metaverse where you can:

  • Explore content focusing on technical skills and scientific, literary, artistic, and life skills (emotional, relational, and cognitive intelligence)

  • Create your own Academy if you are a teacher or a content creator, or simply want to share your knowledge and passion

  • Receive rewards (badges, trophies) as you learn or teach: learning and sharing knowledge is rewarded!

  • Discover academies managed by partners, schools and Mainbot

  • Enjoy content in various forms, developed by educational partners: videos, books, masterclasses, games and conferences.

  • Discover personalized content suggested by AI-based Biblibots

  • Benefit from content and experiences created by experts and validated by the Academic Council (DAO)

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