Mainbot Partner Program

Learn about Mainbot's Partner Program, a launchpad and 360° service for start-ups to launch their ICO, tokens & NFTs.

Benefits | Launching an ICO and a collection of NFTs

  • Be among the first to join the blockchain and Web3 revolution

  • Get massive International PR Marketing exposure

  • 2,000,000€ to 10,000,000€ revenue with 80-95% net profit margin in 2-3 months by selling NFTs

  • Raise in ~ 3 months 5,000,000€ to 25,000,000€ without having to give up any capital shares (no dilution)

Benefits | Joining Mainbot Partners Program

  • Full 360° services : We offer selected companies a full 360° Services to launch their ICO and collection of NFTs = Limited Time Investment

  • Cross promotion : You will benefit from cross promotion with all the projects that are members of Winky Partners Program

  • Risk-free : We pay upfront all the expenses associated with the operation 50,000€ to 150,000€

  • Free land : You will get offered a free land in The Winkyverse to build educational experiences and get exposure to all The Winkyverse visitors.

If you're interested to know more, contact our Sales Team:

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